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Logic and Faith. Can they go together?

William Barclay has an excellent study of Peter:

Letters of Peter Study

The epistles of Peter were written for general disemination within the church. The first letter is from Peter, but through Sylvanus. Peter, either dictated the message he wished to convey to his readers or he directed that this letter be written. The original letter was in perfect Greek and evokes images and arguments that have inspired readers for 2000 years.

The text of the first letter addresses the persecution under which the church began to suffer toward the end of Peter's life. Peter repeatedly exhorts his readers to bear the trials and to understand that these trials will prove their genuine faith "in the same way that gold is tested by fire." When the glory of Jesus is revealed it will be all the greater for the suffering endured for the faith.

Most commentators believe that 2 Peter was written long after Peter's martyrdom. Their theories are based on the fact that the subject of the letter was not a great concern during Peter's lifetime. Yet the evidence for this is not definitive. 2 Peter warns the church to steer away from false teachings. Many church members were setting themselves above the law, even above morality declaring they knew the devine truth and that that was all that was necessary.

In this letter Peter explains that adherence to a moral code is indeed important...that living a moral life is a by-product of faith in Jesus Christ. Peter also wants to remind the church that the Lord will come again just as he promised, and that all should be made ready.

1 and 2 Peter are interesting to compare and contrast when studied together. Each makes an excellent study on its own. 1 Peter is perhaps the deeper work. Yet there is much for the modern reader to gleen from either book.

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