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Bibliography for the Apostle Paul

Paul and the Mosaic Law, by Durham-Tubingen Research Symposium on Earliest Christianity and Judaism, James D. G. Dunn (Editor). Discusses Paul's thoughts on the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

The Apostle Paul: An Introduction to His Writings and Teaching, by Marion L. Soards.

Paul: A Man of Grit and Grace (Great Lives from God's Word, Volume 6), by Charles R. Swindoll.

Acts of the Apostles e-course.

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Much of what we know about Paul's life is from the Book of Acts. So a good way to learn more about the life of the Apostle Paul and his teachings is to take an on-line study course covering Acts.

To learn more about his theology, study Paul's Letters:
Galatians Ephesians

We answer the question: Was the Apostle Paul Married?

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