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Paul had more influence on the New Testament and how we think about Jesus and God than any other early apostle. John wrote a Gospel; some letters of Peter remain extant; even some thoughts from James remain known. However, Paul wrote the bulk of the letters that have been preserved, and it was his follower Luke who wrote the book of Acts as well as his own Gospel.

This site explores the ways Paul influences Christian thought even today.

At this site you will find:
A biography of Paul,
An explanation of why Paul is important,
Key concepts Paul was involved in developing,
A bibliography of useful books about Paul,
Links to other sites about Paul.

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Much of what we know about Paul's life is from the Book of Acts. So a good way to learn more about the life of the Apostle Paul and his teachings is to take an on-line study course covering Acts.

To learn more about his theology, study Paul's Letters:
Galatians Ephesians

We answer the question: Was the Apostle Paul Married?

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