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Gospel of John Study

The Gospel of John is one of the most controversial books in the bible. It is quite different from the other 3 Gospels in that it focuses more on the divinity of Christ than the humanity of Christ. It is also remarkable in that it demonstrates Jesus' teachings as long discourses and arguments rather than short parables.

The controversy over John centers around its authorship. Some scholars believe that the book was written by a certain "John of Ephesus" who based his Gospel on the reminiscences of an unnamed "one whom Christ loved". Traditional scholars believe that "the one whom Christ loved" and the author are one and the same. Either way the Gospel of John is important, for it is surely inspired by Christ and was fundamentally based on a disciple who traveled with and was loved by Jesus.

Thus, we can study this Gospel with confidence and interest when it uniquely relates Christ's ministry in Judea during the Passover Festival. Within the Gospel of John there is stark conflict between Jesus and the authorities that seems to lead inexorably toward his death and resurrection.

The Gospel of John is the vivid story of Christ. Within are many lessons for modern man. It is assumed that this was the last of the four gospels to be written. Indeed, John was the last of the disciples to die, and it was many years after the crucifixion that he wrote. Thus, the story is infused with many years of reflection on the meaning of the coming of the "Son of Man".

This book is excellent for a longer bible study that will look into all sides of Jesus, as the Messiah, as a man, as a fulfillment of prophecy.

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