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Answer to Question 2

Why does James tell us to be patient?

Next James preaches patience. Patience is perhaps the most difficult of virtues. Just imagine yourself standing in line at the supermarket. If there are three persons in front of you, then you frown and shake your head and mutter under your breath that the market should hire more cashiers. We live in a society that has become insatiable because it has been fed on the milk of instant gratification.

Then too, time is a factor. Every moment we are aware of our limited time on this planet. We do not want to waste our time on things that are unimportant. It has often been said that "time is money". In some ways it is "money". For it is our time and our efforts that we trade for the money that buys our food, shelter and entertainment. So our time should be invested prudently. And a prudent investor, like the farmer in James's example, must wait for the fruition of his plans, he must wait patiently.

What is the best investment we can make of our time? We must invest in our souls and the souls of others. For as James is well-aware "the day of the Lord's coming is near." Whether that day is a personal meeting with our creator or the end of the current age of man matters not.

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