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Answer to Question 3

From where does temptation come?

There is no question for James as to where temptation comes from. He states unequivically, "Let no man say 'My temptation comes from God" (verse 13). Temptation comes from within every man. Man has many facets, there is the mind, the body and the soul. Each one plays its part in his daily life. The body is demanding, always crying out to have its basic needs fulfilled. The soul is always exhorting, encouraging the better angels of our natures. The mind sets in between and makes the decisions. The body, soul and mind are not always incompatible, but many times they are. Desire to eat moderately, or to help our fellow man are good desires. Yet covetousness, lust, hatred, jelousy and other sins can lead us astray. It is important to understand from where temptation comes, and it is even more important to recognize it when it appears. Thus the mind may make decisions to the benefit of the whole being. For sin inevitably leads to the corruption of all of the being - body, mind AND soul. James points out in verse 15 that "when sin reaches its full development it spawns death."

In verse 18 we see that it is good which comes from God.

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