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Group Bible Study

You can conduct group bible studies using on of our free e-courses or one of those available for a minimal donation. Alternatively you may purchase studies on Amazon.com.

First set up a meeting time and place for your group. Make sure to have a comfortable place that allows your group members to have a little elbow room and be able to take notes.

Get materials for each person so he or she may study in advance.

Begin your meeting with a prayer. Then have one of the members read a designated selection from the Bible. Selections are normally fairly short, so one person can handle the task quite easily.

Now pose questions presented for the chapter. The members should consider them in the context of both society at large and in their personal experience.

After the passage has been thoroughly discussed, read the author's analysis. This should stimulate further discussion. Remember that many passages in the bible are variously interpreted, and the view of the author is not necessarily the final answer.

At the end of the bible study session it is sometimes interesting to read the chapter again.

End with a prayer.

Encourage members to read ahead for the next session to prepare their own answers. This can be a very helpful tool in creating an in-depth and meaningful study. It is recommended that a different person be chosen to moderate each session (on a rotating basis).

Remember, course study also works well for those studying alone.


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