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Barclay Bible Studies

William Barclay wrote the New Testament Guides for the Daily Study Bible Series. These guides are arguably the most comprehensive and authoritative study guides ever written. William Barclay spent over twenty years in research and composition. He was a Scottish minister and a professor at the University of Glasgow. He wrote his own translation of the bible and was reknown throughout the world for his expertise.

The format of his work is simple and straightforward. Each book of the New Testament is given a general introduction that discusses the book in the context of the time it was written. It discusses the author of the book or epistle, as well as the history of the work itself. The introduction is followed by readings from the Bible. Each reading is Barclay's own translation from the original Greek. And each section is small enough to be thoroughly considered in 20 minutes to half an hour. Every verse is analyzed in a readable, informative and thought provoking way. Barclay masterfully illustrates how these passages from the bible, written 2000 years ago, are as applicable today as the day on which the were written.

Barclay's work has been translated into several languages and his works have been read by millions of believers. All of the books in the Bible Study Series can be used for either a personal course of study or for discussion groups. On your own, you need nothing more than the book itself. Each passage of the bible is printed and analyzed. In a group the book can be used effectively by first reading Barclay's translation, then eliciting discussion, then reading Barclay's analysis, followed by further discussion.

You will find Barclay's work thoroughly researched and well-thought-out. It is a useful tool for any group leader or any student of the bible. The "Daily Study Bible Series" can be purchased as seperate volumes for each book in the New Testament (each volume is offered on our individual discussions of each book which can be accessed using the drop-down menu on the right hand column, or you may purchase the entire set.

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