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Logic and Faith. Can they go together?

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Life Application Studies

This series of bible studies is designed to be informative, to the point, affordable and most of all to apply to daily life in the modern world. Each brief volume contains 13 lessons, maps, charts, study questions, etc.

Great for use by individuals, "Life Application Bible Studies" are also effective for use in a class or for study groups. In a class directed by an individual a review of the study materials helps point the direction for instruction. The study questions will be useful to prompt intelligent and meaningful discussion.

Study groups will want to use this work as a reference and as a launching point for in-depth discussion. The best method is to rotate group leader responsibilities so that all members of the group have an opportunity to study the subject materials and provide direction for group discussion.

These study guides are inexpensive so each member of the group can be provided with a copy, allowing all participants to read materials in advance.

Finding a book of the bible to study is not always an easy task. The Bible Study Resource Center helps to simplify this task. Using the dropdown menu in the right column, simply click through the various books in the bible. You will find a short synopsis or history of the book along with some pointers on who might find the book of interest, its length and depth.


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